Report a Claim

If you need to advise us of a claim, or are aware of a situation that may lead to a claim, call us on
0114 242 1176 (our opening hours are 09.00 a.m.  to 5.00 p.m.).

click here to complete our online Claim Notification form.

Simply acknowledge receipt of the complaint
(it is important that no mention of PI insurers is made in your response). In the meantime please do not:

  • admit any liability – or admit you could have made an error (however slight)
  • offer any settlement to the client or their representatives
  • send your final response letter to the complainant until the claims team have agreed with the content

It is important to notify Insurers as soon as you become< br/> aware of any matter that could give rise to a claim so that the process of
collating the information for the claims team can begin and we can assist you through the claims process.

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Alternatively – You can download a pdf version of our claim notification form here.

What happens next?

Your claim details will be passed to an experienced claims handler or the insurer, who will oversee your claim from start to finish. Once your claim has been assesed they will be in touch with you to discuss the process in more detail.